KVH Agro Tech heavy-duty hydraulic trailers are available in three sizes. The trailer is built for commercial uses for example – to carry heavy machinery, heavy construction equipment and material. KVH Trailer is reliable because of its strength and hydraulic system. For the transportation of agriculture equipment, sugarcane, organic compost, fertilizers, soil, sand, rocks KVH Trailer is perfect for all these transportations.


Trailer Sizes 6 x 10 5 x 9 5 x 8
Horsepower  45 ph+ 27 hp/ 36 hp  24 hp 
Axel  Sq.75 mm x 68 in. length  Sq 65mm x 57 Inch length    Sq 65mm x 57 Inch length
Bottom Sheet 4mm/5mm/6mm 4mm/5mm 4mm/5mm
Side Flaps 2mm/3mm 2mm/3mm 2mm/3mm
Cylinder Capacity 5 tons 3 tons 3 tons
Capacity 1 Brass 0.75 brass 0.6 brass