M B Plough

Mouldboard Plow is a tractor operated equipment. It is used for preparatory cultivations. It turns soil upside down and brings nutrients–rich-soil to the upper layer of the farm surface. It’s prepares soil beds for the upcoming crop by loosening soil, increase air circulation and water retention capacity of the soil. It helps the new crop to stand firmly, crops roots reach down easily. After cultivation processes, it removed stumps of crops like sugarcane, Jowar, cotton, unwanted weeds etc. It cuts the roots of the weed and buries it completely. M B Plough comes in various models, different ploughshares made of high carbon steel. Mouldboard, landside, frog and shank frame and hitch system. Additionally, it also comes in a 2 and 3 rows plough, revisable M B plough. Once mounted on a tractor, it is operated and controlled by the hydraulic system of the tractor. 

  1. M. B Plough: – Heavy duty plough to perform ploughing on all types of soil. Effective against rooted and stony land. Suitable moving soil high to low spots, increase germination. It reduces resistance to root penetration and root growth.
  2. Reversible M. B Plough: – It is designed to undertake heavy ploughing on large- and small-scale farmlands. Its quick 180-degree shift mechanism allows farmers to keep on ploughing without disruptions. Specially built for all types pf soil conditions. Its accurate length of plough turns the soil upside down and prepare seed bed. Blades are made from high quality steel. Its frame has built for longevity and easy to mounted on tractor.